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An explorer. Archaeologist. Hard-core gamer.
Whatever it takes to deliver your message.


I believe feelings should never be lost in translation. My mission is to convey the soul of your text in a body that feels natural to the target culture.

For this magic to happen, I must tap into my translation superpowers: sensitivity, cultural awareness, and an almost mystical way with words.

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Is translation an act of treason? Must the translator "change everything so that nothing changes"? It depends. I've learned that each project requires a different approach. All translators must be chameleons ready to change the color of their skin in order to meet the challenges posed by each text.

At times we'll have to adhere to a strict style guide and adopt someone else's voice to deliver a straightforward message. 

At others, we'll be forced to improvise, to change the rules and look for new scenarios that feel natural to the reader. 

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